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What is crowdproject?

The ultimate collaborative project management platform. It will allow you to co-create collective goods.

From an illustrated book collaboration to an open enterprise, Crowdproject will help every entrepreneurs make their ideas a reality.

The good ones are unsolved problems; missing pieces. The bigger the problem, the better the idea.

From idea to reality.

Raise the Crowdpower to link the dots.

Welcome to an ecosystem for
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Build up your ideas and find the right collaborators to make them grow. With Open Crowdprojects you can co-create Commons
Crowded Creativity Community (CCC)

Grow Free

CCC is an interdisciplinary community of collaborators within a structure to become autonomous and independent. 
Salon CCC


Meet passionate collaborators from other cultures. An occasion to discover the culture of a generation through all mediums.

CCC: open society in co-creation

Our goal is to gather a community to initiate a revolution starting from a cultural movement and an economic shift towards the sharing economy so we can co-create tomorrow's society. 

Our structure will enable our members to design their profession by combining passions and aspirations. We want the next generation free to accomplish the most powerful possible action: to create.

But to create for themselves. Not to have their creativity instrumentalized by a third party. So that they can enterprise the realisation of their ideas in a track  alternative to traditional institutions.

And in order to realize any type of projects, to gather all sectors of activity within a decluttered communitarian network.

Anatole France
The most precious goods, answered Mr. Bergeret, are those common to all men and always have been. Air and light belong as a common to all that breathe and see the clarity of the day.

CCC is a Crowdproject

A common is a good which’s usage is common to all. It belongs to its user’s community as a collective good. In between public and private goods, they enable us to go from a model of  property to a model of accessibility.

Commons: How does it work ?

As a common, the use of of ccc is common to all. It belongs to its user’s community as a collective good. Sounds simple but it’s a new paradigm of economics, politics, and culture.

Especially to manage and administrate goods in a perpetual manner. To protect them we will need to accept interdependence, to get to know people with different cultures and trust them. It will require for us to overpass the individualistic tendencies of our times.

But why should we live in society if not to work towards a common goals? With those, we can create a future we’ll be proud to offer to our children.

Our Mission

Crowded Creativity Community (CCC) is an inspired community of work willing to enable our generation to become autonomous and independent. With this power we want to encourage new generations to pursue their ideas and make an impact.

We believe in entrepreneurship as an effective way to transform society, more thoroughly, and more quickly. And this is why we want to co-create together a society as a lifelong structure of continuous learning and enterprising for the establishment of a new culture.

Discover more about the collaborative future of work CCC


A network for mutual exchange of skills, ressources and knowledge towards ambitious projects. To free creativity from constraints so we can enterprise any project (business, art, social…)


A matchmaker, so you can meet the “right collaborators”.  What would Steve Jobs have become without Steve Wozniak ? Mick Jagger without Keith Richards ?… The greatest projects are based on human capital.


A platform (virtual and physical) to express, confront, discuss and share ideas. A place to “re-create the world”


An interface where to realize your projects independently from traditional institutions


A long lasting incubator, both for individuals and projects. Open to all.


To be the nest for a long lasting collective creativity, driven by its entrepreneur’s dynamic.


Transform creatives and enterprising minds into creators, enabled to realise what they imagine.


A multicultural community, sharing culture and vocabulary towards ambitious collaborations.

Collectively Managed

The Open-Source enterprise governance model
enables a collaborative management of the common by its users’ community. It’s governance-model hierarchy is a meritocratic system based on

The more you contribute to it, the more decision power you gain. Anyone who likes the idea can become a user. To go from user to contributor you need to successfully complete one mission. If you complete several ones and demonstrate you understand the company’s values, you can then become a member.

And after some time a member can finally become part of the core team, which usually includes the founders. There are many ways in which users can contribute to the company’s mission.

Wanna join  ?

Engage in the building of a collaborative society

Our Events

We wanted to create an ephemeral space to discuss ideas. So we took inspiration on the french litterary salons to design a modern version in accordance with our technological times.

This is why CCC Salons will showcase the rich cultural diversity of our generation through all mediums. We will create an uncluttered space of exploration designed to exchange, discuss and develop ideas. It aims at encouraging encounters and collaborations between complementary cultural creatives, all of different talents but same intensity.