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Big cities are hubs for creative and enterprising minds. Nevertheless it can be hard to meet with the right collaborators...

This is why we took inspiration on the french pre-revolutionnary salons of the 18th century to design a modern version, promoting ideas of our generation through all mediums. We aim at reuniting people from all cultures to share, discuss, and develop new forward thinking ideas.

So you can meet naturally like-minded but complimentary collaborators that you wouldn't have met within your usual network.


Art Fair

We see artists as entrepreneurs and entrepreneurs as artists. Together we are lifelong learners and students of a vision. We are dedicated to the life of an idea. And forging a new culture by realizing them.

To us, art is the way to express the great ideas of our generation. "The ones who say outloud what everyone thinks inside." It is the medium to express concepts beyond words.

Artists have the power to project themselves in the future and we want them to share their sensible vision of our society. Let’s mix the Arts & Leadership.


Idea by Idea we want to show you show you the ideas that have led to the CCC. We want to raise the important questions about our future with the sharing economy, rise of automation, and other topics related to tomorrow’s society.

They will demonstrate both problematics and solutions of particular topics with speakers from Economy, Arts, Design, Technology, Philosophy and many other specialities who do not exist yet... Have some idea you want to share with us?

Victor Hugo
There is nothing more powerful
than an idea whose time has come

Design Thinking

After listening to those new ideas, the audience will be able to interact with the speakers in order to find solutions/opportunities to the problematics/ventures evoked. 

Specific workshops will be designed for each conference in order to work the idea and allow participants to engage.
Design Thinking's principles will be applied to devellop collective thinking around solutions.


Those are not dancing events. We will be delighted to hear artist's most experimental work. We are especially interested in the combination of electronic and acoustic music. As techno enables to transcend time and space. Electronic music represents with its sampling aspect our unique multicultural generation.

We believe the mix is rich and this is why we aim at promoting all sorts of electronic music at an high level.  You like our live projects and feel in accordance with the aesthetic as well as the message we wanna promote?