Paris, January 25th

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Saint-Merry, Paris

Makers meet Creators

Enable our generation and the coming ones to become autonomous and independent. But how do you want to change the world when you’re trapped in a system of debt. And for many, in order to be part of the “good circle”, it begins with and comes at the cost of student debt.

This is why we’re co-creating an inspired community of work. It will operate as a lifelong structure for independent enterprisers (freelancers, entrepreneurs, artisans, and many others...). And enable you to “find people who believe as you do” from all disciplines to collaborate with, get missions in ethical companies to gain a little money on the side, and a secure platform to help you bring your idea to fruition.

We aim at creating an alternative to the diploma for independents but still keeping access to the necessary network to make your ideas happen. We believe our generation has the will to make an impact and we aim at enabling you to do so.

Mapping Gothic Churches

By Coté


Talks with

Levent ACAR

Collective consumption


Collective intelligence

Crowdproject CCC

The CCC (Crowded Creativity Community) is
a common with creative independents and entrepreneurs to become self-reliant and independent.

It will take the form of an interdisciplinary community of collaborators

Its structure will combine continuing education, transversal network, missions to earn a money and a hub to undertake.

«Now that we can do anything, what will we do ?

Henry Ford
Coming together is a beginnning; Keeping together is progress; Working together is success

Concerts with

Dewalta & Shannon

Modular ambient jazz live

Horror Inc.

Dreamlike electro-acoustic performance

Laurine Frost

Theatrical Live


Classic performance from the Yojik Concon universe.

Let’s start the dialogue at our 1st event

Paris January 25th

76 rue de la verrerie 75001 Paris

January 25th